A house flying away and family left behind, a lawyer shaking your last cents, STOP look around, your government has set up help all over the country to help you: housing counseling agencies.

Centro de Ayuda HispanaA HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency

Hispanic Help Center is one of those lifelines set up to help you!

The Hispanic Help Center is a nonprofit organization committed to empower low income families to gain optimum quality of life through access to homeownership opportunities, financial assistance, health services, food program, job training, and job placement and children development.




Our mission is to help low income families to attain sustainable, affordable, existing homeownership, promote new affordable homeownership opportunities and ultimately help them gain and maintain self-sufficiency. We do this through our housing counseling, housing education, credit counseling, financial management programs and referral network. The Hispanic Help Center works with an ever expanding network of community agencies to achieve its mission.


Children are our most important resource. We believe that as we help low income families to be selfsufficient, their children will tend to flourish more easily, in a less stressful family atmosphere without having to cope with stressful events that are totally out of their control and are not for them to cope with. These children are our hope. Helping low income families to attain a good quality of life helps them to help their children to get a better education, to seek and prepare for better opportunities and break out of a vicious circles.

You can contact us at:

Centro de Ayuda Hispana

1 Purlieu Pl, suite 170,

Winter Park FL 32792

Phone: 407-249-0532

Email: ayuda@centrodeayudahispana.com

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Centro de Ayuda para los Hispanos

Centro de Ayuda Hispana

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